Dumping of cats getting to "epidemic proportions" in Donegal

Animals in Need say they have saved 370 cats and kittens here

Democrat Reporter


Democrat Reporter


Dumping of cats getting to "epidemic proportions" in Donegal

On e of the dumped kittens which is suffering from cat flu

Up to 370 cats and kittens have been saved by Donegal based charity Animals In Need who say the level of dumping of cats and kittens in the county has reached epidemic proportions.

They say many of the cats have been deliberately dumped or left behind by their owners.

In the past week alone, AIN say they have rescued a mother cat and her two kittens who were dumped in a private lane, a young cat was left behind by her owners when they moved away, and five small kittens were dumped near SuperValu in Killybegs.

An AIN spokesperson said: "The situation is completely out of control.  In the case of the five tiny kittens dumped in Killybegs this week, we've so far managed to catch two of them.  One of the others had already been killed on the busy road there and two more are missing."
This is the third time AIN has been called out to rescue kittens abandoned at this location in the past few months. AIN said "Dumping kittens is handing them a death sentence and a cruel, often lingering death filled with suffering at that."

They also point out that abandoning a pet is a criminal offence under the Animal Welfare Act. The spokesperson said: "Not only is dumping animals a crime but the suffering the helpless kittens and even adult cats go through before they die their lonely death is horrendous.  This has to stop."
Animals In Need CLG Donegal is a registered charity made up entirely of unpaid volunteers that has been rescuing animals in Donegal for the past 12 years. For further information on adoption, fostering, volunteering etc, please contact the main helpline on 087 1356188. For cat/kitten enquiries please call 087 7644420. Animals In Need Donegal is also on Facebook and has a website at