The late Patty Mc Crea

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

The late Patty  Mc Crea

“Patty”. One word that said so much, the late Patricia Mc Crea, known to her family and friends simply as “Patty”, was a force of nature that impacted on the lives of so many.
A mother, a sister, a friend, a matron, a powerhouse of energy, determination, and compassion, her petite stature belied the nature of a lioness proud and protective of all she loved.
Her working life was devoted to the care of others, first as a trainee nurse in Lancaster, England; Letterkenny; Altnagelvin, Derry; the Shiel hospital and finally in the role for which she will be known best in her adopted town Ballyshannon - Director of Nursing 'Matron' in the Rock Hospital.
Her forthright determination in everything she did, left an indelible mark on all those she cared for, those that she shepherded into the world; and those she helped pass from it with dignity and respect, friendship and love.
No task or challenge was ever shrunk from, not professional, not personal; to “Patty” there were simply things that needed to be done to help and support those under her care. She never gave up, she never stopped fighting.
Her professional legacy; a sense of justice and a fiery uncompromising focus to see the lives of patients and their families improved.
To her family, she was a rock. Unwavering in her support and love.
Sadly predeceased by her Husband Laurence, “Patty” raised and supported, loved and unselfishly gave of herself to her five children and two grandchildren every day.
To “Patty” family was more than a word, it was an active responsibility, a love and compass by which she set her course every day.
Her active acceptance of those she met saw so many more count themselves blessed to be considered part of her wider ‘family’.
At “Patty’s” house the door was always open, the kettle always on, the wine always chilled and the welcome always warm. Her house, her views and her support always open for the many that sought her wisdom, counsel and friendship.
But for those that knew her best “Patty” will be known and remembered for her wit, her mischievous sense of fun and her great company. There was no situation that was not improved, no life that was not enriched and no room that was not brightened by her presence.
Ever the ‘straight talker’ who ‘shot from the hip’ as her nephew Fr. Frank Gallagher remembered from the altar at her Requiem mass in Ballyshannon, “Patty” was never afraid to call it how she saw it and lay simple truths on the line in her inimitable and unique way.
“I have no doubt Patty was ready to meet her Maker, I am unsure however whether her Maker is ready to meet Patty”, he told the Church.
The dignity with which she bore her short illness surrounded by her sons and daughters was “Patty” too a tee. No fuss, no fanfare, no mourning or sad faces, positive and determined, content and surrounded by love.
She did not hide from the shadow of the inevitable and did not lie down under it. In the palm of those she held most dear she left this place with her head held high bearing the dignity she carried everyday of her vivacious life.
In every life there is a lesson, something that “Patty” knew all too well. In every life there is a purpose. For the Late Patricia McCrea it was to make one small word mean so so much to so many, “Patty”
“Patty” is survived by her sons Aidan, Fergal, Lorcan, daughters Mary Mc Crea Conaghan and Caitriona, her grandchildren Shane and Aidan, son in law Frank Conaghan, sisters Joan Mc Crea, Carmel Murphy, Sr Delores Gallagher and brother Prionchas. Predeceased by her husband Laurence (Larry) Mc Crea, brothers Hugh, Sean, Harry, Sr. Consolata, Margaret McCafferty, Nora Dunmore, Rita Gallagher.
Requiem Mass took place in St. Patrick's Church Ballyshannon 9th November with burial in the Abbey graveyard. The Mass was celebrated by Parish Priest Fr. Cathal Ó Fearraí, and concelebrated by her nephew Fr. Frank Gallagher, Fr. Burke, Fr. Herbie Bromley and Fr. Munster.
Patty’s family would like to thank the North West Hospice, public health nurses and close family and friends who provided unwavering support throughout Patty’s short illness.