Donegal's fixtures for Ulster Championship 2018 have been released

Opening game set for May 13th

Staff reporter


Staff reporter

Donegal's fixtures for Ulster Championship 2018 have been released

Donegal will have their first game in the Ulster Championship in 2018 on Sunday, May 13th. 

And if they are successful, they will have a game every fortnight to the Ulster final, which has been fixed for Sunday, 24th June.

They are down to play Cavan in MacCumhaill Park in the opener on May 13th, with the quarter-final against Derry fixed for Sunday, 27th. The Ulster semi-final is set for June 10th with the final on June 24th

The full list of championship fixtures is

Provincial Championship Fixtures 2018


May 6th
CSFC Leitrim v New York

CSFC Sligo v London (Ruislip

May 12th
LSHC Offaly v Galway

May 13th

CSFC Mayo v Galway  

USFC Donegal v Cavan

LSHC Dublin v Kilkenny
May 12th/13th  
LSFC Laois v Wexford

Louth v Carlow

Offaly v Wicklow

May 19th
USFC Fermanagh v Armagh  

MSFC Clare v Limerick

Tipperary v Waterford

May 20th
MSHC Cork v Clare

Limerick v Tipperary

USFC Tyrone v Monaghan  

LSHC Kilkenny v Offaly

Wexford v Dublin

May 26th
USFC Down v Antrim

CSFC Leitrim/NY v Roscommon

May 26/27th
LSHC Offaly v Wexford

LSFC Laois/Wexford v Westmeath

Louth/Carlow v Kildare

Offaly/Wicklow v Dublin

Longford v Meath
May 27th
MSHC Tipperary v Cork

Clare v Waterford

LSHC Galway v Kilkenny

USFC Donegal/Cavan v Derry  

June 2nd
MSFC Clare/Limerick v Kerry

Tipperary/Waterford v Cork

MSHC Cork v Limerick

LSHC Wexford v Galway

June 3rd
MSHC Waterford v Tipperary

LSHC Dublin v Offaly

CSFC Mayo/Galway v Sligo/London (Sligo/Galway)

USFC Fermanagh/Armagh v Tyrone/Monaghan
June 9th
LSHC Kilkenny v Wexford

Galway v Dublin

June 10th
MSHC Limerick v Waterford

Tipperary v Clare

USFC Donegal/Cavan/Derry v Down/Antrim

LSFC Offaly/Wicklow/Dublin v Longford/Meath

Laois/Wexford/Westmeath v Louth/Carlow/Kildare

June 16th

June 17th
4pm Connacht Football Final

MSHC Clare v Limerick

Waterford v Cork

June 23rd
7pm Munster Football Final
June 24th
2pm Ulster Football Final

4pm Leinster Football Final

June 30th

July 1st
2pm Munster Hurling Final

4pm Leinster Hurling Final