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Sheephaven snorkelling after Storm Brian

The storm's impact on the dive site was apparent

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Sheephaven snorkelling after Storm Brian

Sheephaven snorkellers.

Sheephaven divers were back in the water on Sunday morning, just to show there was life after Brian.

Last week’s Storm Ophelia left the Donegal dive site relatively unscathed but Storm Brian came in from a different direction and its impact was more apparent.

None of the normal dive sites on Sunday were accessible, so the Sheephaven divers went snorkelling instead, with challenging enough sea conditions in Portnablagh providing a good workout for all in the water for the morning swim.

Water temperature is still up around 12 degrees Celsius but in-water visibility was near zero after the effects of Storm Brian, as it blew across from Killyhoey on Saturday evening.

Snorkelling in the winter is key part of Sheephaven SAC activities, and those divers that take part look forward to Sunday mornings for both the water fitness and also the social aspect that involves the après snorkel over breakfast in Lizzie's.

While we may not get to dive as much over the coming months, there will always be life after the storm by way of Sunday morning snorkels in Portnablagh.