A bit of a 'drochey' morning but a better afternoon ahead in Donegal

Michael Daly


Michael Daly


A bit of a 'drochey 'morning but a better afternoon ahead in Donegal

Oh if only . . . . just slightly cooler than this today

With a weather alert issued for Monday and Tuesday, the weather yesterday and today and Sunday feels very much like the clam before the you know what, so I thought I'd cheer you up with that sunny day photo.

Although it's dry as I write this from my ivory tower in Ballyshannon (8.30am), the  weather experts are predicting patchy rain, drizzle and low cloud this morning, a grey day in other words, or as my late mother Mary would say, 'a drochey ould day'.

I don't know how they describe it where you're from, but  it might be one of them mornings where you'd be better off getting out the big iron frying pan and throwing on the sausages and rashers - all washed down with a big pot of tea. Then again you could have a bowl of something very healthy, but it's Saturday morning . . .

Anyway, back to the weather, the mizzly, drizzly start to the day will exit stage left by mid afternoon to see slightly drier conditions but we're more likely to have rain in Donegal than in other parts of Ulster.

The good news is the temperature, 16 to 18 degrees, a bit like yesterday which was a warm day for mid-October.

Tonight will be cloudy and rain and drizzle won't be far away.

For the football finals tomorrow in Sean MacCumhaill Park, Ballybofey and elsewhere in the county you won't need sunscreen or, to be optimistic, your wellies, but there's more than a chance of some rain. That rain won't be too heavy so it shouldn't get in the way of good football, and more importantly perhaps, the winds will be light. Best of luck to all the teams and enjoy your weekend folks win, lose or draw. 

As always, if you are out and about and enjoying a country walk or watching any events, sporting or otherwise, on this weekend locally, send us your photos via facebook, twitter or email

And of course, if you are from Donegal or just want to be, and doing something exotic (or even just having that big fry) where you live in San Fran or the Seychelles, send us your photos too - and you can sicken us on facebook by telling us what the lovely weather is like in Perth or Peru, wherever you live!!!