Donegal councillor claims lack of action on council motions is “embarrassing”

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Donegal councillor claims council action on motions is “embarrassing”

A county councillor has described the lack of action on motions that councillors bring to the Letterkenny Municipal District as “embarrassing”.

Independent councillor John O'Donnell launched an attack on how Donegal County Council deals with motions saying nothing is done about them.

Addressing the October meeting of the Letterkenny Municipal District Cllr O’Donnell said motions from councillors which are brought because of representations from the electorate are “falling on deaf ears”.

He said he did not bring any motions before the October meeting because “nothing is happening”.

“I don't think there is any point bringing in motions because they are falling on deaf ears 90 percent of the time,” he said.

“It is very, very frustrating. We are making the representations but when we propose them and get them second but sure nothing ever happens. We get soft answers and it is embarrassing.

“The motions I brought to this table in the last 12 months, nothing has happened. We would not bring motions in here if they were not concerns that our electorate is bringing to us.”

Later in the meeting Cllr Ian McGarvey raised concerns that issues he has brought to the attention of the council in the Ramelton area have not been dealt with over the years.

Area manager for roads, Fergal Doherty, said the work of the council was done in agreement with programs that are agreed by the councillors .

“We get funding for a work programme, we bring it before the members and the members agree the programme and that is the programme.

But Cllr O'Donnell rejected the idea that the work is decided by the council.

“The ball is not in our court. We are getting motions passed and there is not enough action. You say it is down to the members. That is wrong.”

In a written answer to Cllr McGarvey’s motion, the council said all issues raised in Ramelton over the years by Cllr McGravey are dealt with as funding is made available to them.