Mac Giolla Easbuig: Successive governments have ignored Donegal islands

New Islands Committee chairperson calls situation 'shameful'

Carolyn Farrar


Carolyn Farrar


The new cathaoirleach of the council’s Islands Committee said this morning that successive governments have ignored the needs of Donegal islands.

“Hundreds of people are living on the islands and every little bit that they get has to be fought for and it’s shameful, it’s a disgrace,” independent Cllr. Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig said.

Cllr. Mac Giolla Easbuig was elected cathaoirleach of the committee at this morning’s Islands Committee meeting.

“For long years the islands have been left not only by this government but other governments that went before,” Cllr. Mac Giolla Easbuig said. He said services such as proper roads and public conveniences are as important to the islands, if not more, as they are to mainland communities.

Cllr. Mac Giolla Easbuig credited the work done by local committees on the islands and also recognised the work done by Islands Committee member and former councillor, Seamus Rodgers. Cllr. Mac Giolla Easbuig also said the minister for Gaeltacht and islands should be at two of the four annual meetings of the Islands Committee.

Mr Rodgers said he was grateful for the island funding that has been received, “and hopeful more will come through to give islanders the same rights as mainlanders”.

He said, “There’s great work to be done."