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Donegal Drama Circle brings 'American Buffalo' to Inver this week

The three-night run starts on Thursday

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Staff Reporter



Donegal Drama Circle brings 'American Buffalo' to Inver this week

The Donegal Drama Circle is bringing the powerful David Mamet play “American Buffalo” to the Inver Community Centre this week.

“American Buffalo”, which has been celebrated on Broadway and cinema, runs at the Inver Community Centre Thursday, October 5th, Friday, October 6th and Saturday, October 7th. Performances are at 8pm nightly.

Set bin a New York City junk shop, the play tells the story of the shop owner who considers himself experienced in the trade of antiques and memorabilia, until he discovers, to his horror, that he has sold a Buffalo nickel for a fraction of its true worth.

“American Buffalo” follows the shop owner’s attempts to retrieve the coin, resulting in some hilarious interplay among the three characters.

But please note: While very entertaining, this gritty work is not suitable for young people under age 12 - there is strong language throughout.

Eminent New York Times theatre critic Frank Rich, known as the “Butcher of Broadway” for his ability to close a play overnight if he did not like it, called “American Buffalo” “one of the best American plays of the last decade” in his review of the original 1983 production.

In his review of the 1981 Off-Broadway production of the play, Rich said, “In American Buffalo he has created a deceptively small-scale tragedy that is packed with the power to explode the largest of American myths.”

The play benefits from an intimate setting, making it ideally suited to the Inver Community Centre.

Local audiences from the Inver and Frosses communities will also take pride in seeing local actor Oisin Joyce in the role of Bob, the shopkeeper’s young protégé. This demanding role will allow Oisin to expand on a talent which has been developing through various musicals in the AVS and in the St John Bosco Centre.

Experienced Donegal Drama Circle actors Conor Friary and Christian Carbin will play the parts of Don Dubrow, the shopkeeper, and Walter Cole, as the drifter, Teach.

“American Buffalo” is directed by Christian Carbin, with the support of the experienced Drama Circle technical team.

Donegal Drama Circle are delighted to have been invited again to participate in the programme of events listed for the annual Donegal Bay and Blue Stacks Festival.