HSE plans for Donegal centre finalised

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

HSE plans for Donegal centre finalised

The Cleary Centre in Donegal town.

A long-awaited business case for capital funding to redevelop the former Cleary Centre building in Donegal Town has now been formally finalised .

The proposals, if approved, would see existing adult day services currently located in the Victor Complex and St Agnes Day Centre housed in a new facility on the site.

The plans have now been submitted to the HSE’s North West Estates Department after which it’s expected that a full capital submission for the project will be sent for assessment to the HSE National Steering Group for consideration as part of the executive’s Capital Plan.

Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Deputy Pearse Doherty welcomed the announcement but has once again stated that ongoing and continued consultation and collaboration with the Parents and Friends Committee must be taken onboard by the HSE as the process to redevelop the site remains ongoing.

“I very much welcome the confirmation received this morning that the HSE has confirmed that the business case for the new Cleary Centre building has been finalised by HSE disability services.

“It’s understood that, as part of the plans to redevelop the building, it’s proposed to amalgamate adult day services presently housed at the Victor Building complex and at St Agnes’ Day Centre in the town.

“The plans have been sent to HSE Estates for the northwest region, and a full capital submission will then be provided to the HSE National Capital Steering Group where the project will be considered as part of the mid-term review of the HSE’s capital plan.

“While of course this progress is to be welcomed, I think it’s vital that the HSE continue to engage fully with the Parents and Friends’ Committee, the members of which have been crucial in steering this project forward and have worked tirelessly to get the plans progressed.”