Lintel falls from iconic Donegal building

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Footpath closed after lintel falls from iconic Donegal building

The scene where the lintel fell from Ballyshannon's town clock.

A lintel measuring approximately one metre has fallen from above a window on the Ballyshannon Town clock building and crashed to the ground this morning.
The stonework gave away above one of the south facing windows on the iconic building at around 11.45am.
The area where the lintel hit the ground has been cordoned off.
Gardaí attended the scene. The footpath was closed by Donegal County Council staff but the road remains open.
Locals who were in contact with the Democrat said "it was a miracle" no one was hurt.
One local added: "The stonework above where it fell off looks to be loose too, I don't think it's safe at all now at the moment, so it is a good job they have put up screens to keep people away from there."Former Ballyshannon Town Councillor Billy Grimes who was at the scene a short time ago said: "It was lucky no one was hurt in this incident. My concern now would be to ensure that the stonework above the lintel which gave way is also safe."