ESB warn people not to touch fallen wires in Inishowen

By Michelle NicPhaidin


By Michelle NicPhaidin



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The ESB have warned members of the public not to touch or go near damaged lines or networks following unprecedented flooding that took place in the area last night. 

The ESB Networks have today confirmed that lightning strikes and flooding caused considerable damage to the electricity network on the Inishowen peninsula last night.

Approximately 3,000 customers were effected overnight. Crews were immediately mobilised as the power outages occurred, and have been joined by additional crews since this morning.

As of 12 noon on Wednesday, August 23rd, approximately 1,600 customers remain without power on the Inishowen peninsula. We expect crews to restore power to the vast majority of these customers over the course of the day. However, in some areas that continue to be impacted by flooding, crews may not be in a position to restore power on safety grounds. This is primarily due to the fact that ESB Networks equipment located in flooded areas cannot be safely switched back on until flooding subsides. 

The rest of County Donegal escaped relatively unscathed. 

Given the extent of the damage, ESB Networks expects additional outages to be reported throughout the day, and any additional faults can be reported on 1850 372 999.

ESB Networks apologises to all customers in Inishowen for the inconvenience caused by these outages and assures them that crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore supply.  Updates are available on www.esbpowercheck.ie or on the PowerCheck app.