Water Safety

Warning issued to Donegal bathers ahead of long weekend

Hypothermia risk for swimmers as water still cold

By Staff Reporter


By Staff Reporter



Donegal weather set to reach sweltering temperatures

Beach goers advised of cold water when swimming.

Despite the recent warm spell, bathers in Donegal waters are being asked to be extra vigilant ahead of the June Bank Holiday weekend as water temperatures can be deceptively cold this time of year and this adds to the risk of drowning.
Up to 11 people drown monthly in Ireland and 80% of them died close to their home.
Irish Water Safety is appealing to the public not to swim for extended periods at present as drownings can happen due to hypothermia in waters that are still cold.
Drowning risks increase during bank holiday weekends with alcohol present in one third of drowning victims. 62% of drownings occur inland with 80% of drownings occurring close to the victim's home.
Minimize the drowning risk with the following bank holiday safety guidelines:
Bank Holiday safety:
Supervise children at all times near water - 30 children aged 14 and under drowned in ten years.
Avoid staying in the water for extended periods as waters are still cold and you risk hypothermia.
Swim with others, never alone, in recognised, traditionally safe bathing areas.
Swim within your depth, parallel and close to shore.
Never use inflatable toys in open water or swim out after anything drifting.
Train for your aquatic activity at www.safetyzone.ie
Wear a Lifejacket when on or near the water and make sure that it has a correctly fitting crotch strap.
Alcohol impairs judgment, balance and coordination - all essential for swimming and boating and avoiding hazards in the water.
In Marine Emergencies, call 112 and ask for the coastguard.
See www.iws.ie or www.ringbuoys.ie