Dungloe Ladies football found in North Scotland

Donegal club thought ball was gone forever

Tom Comack


Tom Comack

Dungloe Ladies football found in North Scotland

Dungloe Ladies GAA footballers got a pleasant surprise when they opened their Facebook page on Sunday morning to find a message that one of their  footballs had been found in North Scotland.

"Hi, just thought you might be interested to hear that yesterday I found washed up on a beach in North Uist, Scotland, a fully inflated, perfect condition ‘Dungloe Ladies GAA football’," the message from Arthur Heyes read.

“Either one of your ladies has a particularly powerful shot (throw? punt? - I'm not really up on the rules) or the ball has survived a seaborne journey of 100s of miles. Respect to the quality of your Gaelic footballs."

The football was lost three weeks ago during a training session on Maghery beach.

“We training on the beach and all off a sudden the ball went into the tide,” said Dungloe Ladies team manager, Conor Comack.

“One of the girls waded in after it but the current was too strong and the ball was swept out to sea.

“We thought that was the last we would see of it so you can imagine our surprise today when we received the message on Facebook that it has been found.

“I just checked it on the map North Uist is 299 kilometres from Maghery; it’s in the Hebrides.

“It is unbelievable that it would travel all the way and as Arthur says it is in perfect condition which is a good advert for O’Neill’s footballs.

“Breda O’Donnell, who is our Facebook Page coordinator, has been in touch with Arthur on Facebook and I’m not sure at this stage on whether the ball is being returned or Arthur wants to keep it. We will probably find out this week.”