Call for support for Donegal anti-bullying fundraiser

‘Brain over Brawn’ event to help raise awareness and combat the effects of bullying

Democrat Reporter


Democrat Reporter


Call for support for Donegal anti-bullying fundraiser

Connor McDevitt and Emmett Lynch who are organizing the boxing show fundraiser in the An Grianan Hotel, Burt on June 17th to support an Anti-Bullying & Mental Health schools programme.

The serious damage that bullying can cause to the mental health of youngsters has prompted two men to organize a big Boxing Night fundraiser at the An Grianan Hotel in Burt on Saturday the 17th of June.

The ‘Brain over Brawn’ event is being promoted by Killea man Emmet Lynch and Connor McDevitt from Carrigans. The proceeds will go towards a special programme that will be rolled in schools across the county to help raise awareness and combat the effects of bullying.

Emmett and Connor are delighted that Aoibheann Gallen from ‘ReNew You’ will deliver the programme. Aoibheann already does mindfulness and life skills programmes in schools and is looking forward now to being part of something that hopefully will have success in tackling a problem that can destroy the lives of children and young people in particular.

"We need to do something to stop bullying"

Emmett has been hearing about incidents of bullying over the past couple of years and feels that a lot more needs to be done to tackle the problem. “I have been saying for the last two years that we need to do something to stop bullying in schools especially.

Social media and the use of mobile phones has made it worse. Myself and Mark McClintock organized a Boxing Night seven years ago that raised 14,000 euro for Motor Neurone and the Donegal Hospice. That went very well so this time myself and Connor McDevitt having been working on the same again only the money this time will go towards the anti-bullying and mental health programme that Aoibheann Gallen from ‘ReNew You’ is going to deliver in the schools” Emmett said.    

The ‘Brain over Brawn’ show will have 12 bouts including two female contests. Aoibheann Gallen says the genuine hard work being put into this fundraiser by Emmet and Connor deserves the support of the general public on the night as an increasing awareness of bullying and how to deal with it has to be a priority to safeguard the mental health of young people

“Emmet and Connor are doing this as a result of the many people they have encountered who have or are being effected by bullying and suffering the side effects in their mental health as a result.   They are good people and are volunteering their time out of their own busy lives, to help raise awareness and to try to help the victims, bullies and bystanders. They want nothing in return. They are genuinely ‘upset’ to see this in our society and passionate about helping combat this issue” Aoibheann said.

She was delighted to be approached and asked to help in raising awareness of bullying and mental health, by rolling out a programme at targeted groups.  “The proceeds of this event are going into this programme. I will work with targeted groups, children, teens and adults who are affected by bullying. I am honoured that Emmett and Connor asked me to help them raise awareness and combat the effects of bullying and to develop a programme for this cause.”  

Aoibheann’s points that her mindfulness programme is not for bullying alone. “I will specifically roll out a programme for bullying to specific groups and people that are affected.” So Emmett and Connor are now appealing to the general public to support their big fundraiser in the An Grianan Hotel, Burt on Saturday, June 17th. Tickets available from An Grianan Hotel, Burt and Alice’s Bar Killea. For more details go to the Facebook page ‘Brain over Brawn’.