Donegal spinner craze gains momentum

Fidget spinners sell out around county

By Sean Breen


By Sean Breen


Donegal spinner craze gains momentum

A Fidget Spinner.

Donegal has been swept by a global craze which is spinning out of control, with retailers across the county being sold out of Fidget Spinners.

The gadgets have been compared to Yoyos and Rubix Cubes and millions have been sold globally.

The spinners were originally used for stress relief and dealing with attention deficit, but are being increasingly used by children as a toy which they use to perform tricks.

The gadgets have attracted an unprecedented demand with very few still available in shops in Letterkenny.

Niall Callaghan from Callaghan’s XL Express has been amazed by the popularity of the spinners.

“I couldn’t believe the reaction to them,” he said.

“At one stage on Sunday morning there was about 20 young people queuing outside the shop looking to buy their fidget spinners.”

“I got them in on Saturday morning and they were gone on Monday evening,” he said.

Teachers however are less impressed with the craze, with some schools banning the spinners claiming they distract students from their work.