Late Donegal school teacher remembered in verse

By Staff Reporter


By Staff Reporter


Late Donegal school teacher remembered in verse

The late Tom Cullen

Gerry McLaughlin pays tribute to Tom Cullen

Well known journalist, Gerry McLaughlin, has written a poem in tribute to the late Tom Cullen, former vice principal of De La Salle College Ballyshannon who managed them to an All-Ireland B Colleges title back in 1980.

“He was an inspiring teacher, a fine poet and a very well known GAA figure in Fermanagh and Ulster,” Gerry said.

“Wee Tom”

The moon is an angel’s wing over Corlea-Tom

It’s flying high over the Red Hill

The cry of spring is in Derryhillew

And the daffodils in Eddie Moore’s green fields are staring at the stars

Cullen’s country was a special place

Where bards made their own magic in May.

And the whole world was in Corlea.

A Gaelic kingdom, where Wee Tom walked tall

A towering giant of the GAA

Who had a swagger, sure of his wares

Casting a clear blue eye on the world.

A wordsmith and weaver of dreams

Making verse like his mother’s kin - the old O’Dalaigh bards

Softly singing their songs

Proud of his people and clan

Who could look in the eye of every man

Aye, and even death too

But we will never forget you.