Donegal campaign to hold vigil at Letterkenny Hospital this evening

The Still Waiting campaign has vigils set this evening for Sligo University Hospital and other hospitals as well.

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Donegal campaign to hold vigil at Letterkenny Hospital this evening

Letterkenny University Hospital

The Still Waiting health campaign is holding another vigil at 5pm this evening, Friday, outside Letterkenny University Hospital, one of number of vigils the campaign is holding this evening at hospitals in different parts of the country.

The campaign, which has been calling attention to hospital overcrowding, lengthy patient waiting lists and cancelled medical procedures, held similar vigils at six hospitals in February. 

Still Waiting is to hold a vigil at 5pm this evening outside Sligo University Hospital as well.

“It’s a peaceful demonstration for all who are suffering and have suffered,” Cyril Brennan, an organiser of the campaign, said. “We’re trying to send out a message to government that we need radical investment in our health service.”

Gina Grant of the Donegal advocacy group Our Children’s Voice is to address tonight’s vigil in Letterkenny, speaking on the long waiting lists for appointments for children with highly complex needs.

“We can’t go on the way we’re going,” Don McGuinness, Donegal spokesperson for Still Waiting, said.