Donegal's population drops by 1,945

County was one of only two with fall in population

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

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Taoiseach Enda Kenny pictured at the Census 2016 launch. Photo: Conor McCabe

Donegal’s population fell from 161,137 in 2011 to 159,192 in 2016, according to the figures released from last year’s census.

While the county’s population increased by almost 14,000 in the 2011 census, it fell by 1,945 in last year’s census, a 1.2 percent drop.

Donegal was one of only two counties, along with Mayo, that saw a fall in population.

The county's population was made up of 79,022 males and 80,170 females while the average age of people in the county as 38.5 years, up slightly on the national average 37.4.

The average number of persons in private household was 2.7, the same as in 2011.

Of the population in the Donegal gaeltacht, 15,879 people described themselves as Irish speakers down from 17,132 in 2011.

4,7711 said they spoke Irish daily outside the education system only and 3,580 said they speak Irish daily within and outside the education system.

The number of Irish Travellers in the county fell from 721 in 210110 to 583 in 2016, but nationally the number of people categorised as Irish Travellers increased by 5.1 percent.