Donegal school principal's warning on bogus door-to-door collectors

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Staff Reporter


Donegal school principal's  warning on bogus door-to-door collectors

St Eunan's College, Letterkenny

The principal of St. Eunan's College in Letterkenny has urged the public to be vigilant when people arrive on doorsteps asking for money for the county's largest all-boys secondary school.
At the weekend a message posted to a social media page outlined how certain individuals claiming to be from the college appeared at someone's door collecting money.
Principal, Christopher Darby, said that he had been made aware of the issue by a member of the public.
He said: “We were made aware of the incident through a call from a parent.
“Unless someone has something signed from the school they are not collecting for the school,” he said.
The social media alert, which people are urged to share, states: “We've been made aware that, over the weekend, individuals have been collecting money claiming to be from St. Eunan's and the Parent's Association, but without any identification or printed materials from us.”
The individuals were not from the school.
When St. Eunan's College are running a fundraiser, full details will appear on the Parent's Association Facebook page beforehand.
Those collecting for the college always carry identification, or a person will be in the collector's company, who can confirm that monies are being collected for the college.
People are urged not to hand over money, if they are in doubt.
Over the next coming weeks, teams that are registered to take part in the the “It's a Knockout” contest will be fundraising individually for their teams, people are urged to be generous.
However, you should ask to see the college's official sponsorship form, which can be viewed on the Parent's Association Facebook page.
The sponsorship form is printed in colour and if members of the public are in doubt, they are urged to contact the college.
Mr. Darby said that people can contact the Letterkenny college and give them money, if they wish to sponsor teams, or to donate money to the college.
“You can send it directly to our school or if you are in doubt, please contact our school,” he said.
He added that people should be wary of people collecting at doors, pertaining to be from anywhere.
“We don't encourage collecting from door to door,” he said. He urged members of the public who are wary of door collectors that they should check their identification to satisfy themselves.