Dublin fans enjoy Donegal hospitality

Dublin GAA fans seem to love like their trips to the Hills of Donegal

Matt Britton


Matt Britton



Dublin fans enjoy Donegal hospitality

Donegal Person of the Year for another day, Deirdre McGlone welcomes Jim Gavin to Harvey's Point last weekend. INDD 0303 Dub 2 MB

After the thrilling encounter in Ballybofey last weekend between two of football’s greatest and possibly friendliest (off the field anyway) rivals, Dublin fans and indeed players were heaping praise on the hospitality they received in Donegal last weekend.

Many of the supporters made a weekend of it and were visible on the streets of Donegal town, Letterkenny and Ballyboyfey - where a Dub goes, the blue jersey follows. Many of the supporters told the Democrat that Donegal is their favourite place to go.

“We have a great weekend, the banter is great and after the match we all shake hands and look forward to the next occasion.” one visitor to Donegal’s Central Hotel in Donegal town said.

The Dublin team stayed in Sligo on the Saturday night and then stopped off on their way tot he game at Harvey’s Point where they enjoyed a pre-match lunch. They returned to Harvey’s afterwards for a relaxed dinner.

Members of the Dublin squad enjoying the hospitality at Harvey's Point on Sunday last where they took the time out for photographs and autographs. INDD 0303 DUB 1 MB

As has been reported by our sports team, Dublin team boss Jim Gavin was impressed by the new blood coming to prominence for Donegal.

Deirdre McGlone of Harvey's Point who hosted the squad said, “They were a great bunch of lads, just like our own county team; absolute gentlemen and even with an important match they took the time out to pose for photographs and sign autographs. Even some of our die-hard Donegal supporters were delighted to see them.”