Karl Lacey believes there is championship potential with young Donegal squad

Tom Comack


Tom Comack

Karl Lacey believes there is championship potential with young Donegal squad

Karl Lacey . . . looking forward to playing with young guns

Karl Lacey believes that there are All-Ireland and Ulster titles in Rory Gallagher’s new-look Donegal squad and the four time All-Star wants to be part of it.

The Four Masters clubman is currently easing his way back to fitness had been highly impressed with  the new look squad in their three games to date in the Allianz National Football League.

“There are All-Ireland and Ulster titles in that team and  I’ll try and be part of it this year and hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later,” said Lacey.

“I’m coming on well and hoping to get some game time towards the end of the league if I can get a jersey,” he added.

But he also admitted the way the younger players are playing is not going to be easy to get a starting berth back.

“But I am coming back well and easing myself into it. I’m being monitored very closely by the medical teams and coaches.

“It is a case of they, the medics and coaches and even myself, holding back and easing me back into it.”

Karl and the management don’t want a situation to arise where he may have  pushed a little too hard this time last.

And this led to him breaking down with a recurrence of his old hip injury just before the start of the championship.

“I want my body to be right and I don’t want my body to break down. I’m taking a very different approach to last year when I broke down very close to championship.

“I want to ensure come the end of the league and the championship that I’m in the best possible shape I can be in.

“And as I say it is being monitored very closely and I want to get game time in the league and I’m working towards that.”

But he also admitted that he has some ground to make up on the rest of the squad that are playing regularly.

“I’m trying to get fitter but at the same time the boys are getting fitter ever night as well.

“But that is the challenge put up to me. I knew that was the way it was going to be when I sat down with Rory at the end of last year.”

“As long as I can add some value, I said to Rory, I’m not going to be disappointed if I don’t get game time every day.

“If I can add value at training. If I can add value weekends away by chatting with the lads.

“If I can add value coming on for ten or 15  minutes at the end of league games I’m happy to do so.

“It is a new Donegal now. Rory spoke about it early in the year. It is a transition now with the young players and I suppose the quicker we can make it the better.”