Donegal GAA club pays tribute to the late Dom and Mary Breslin

Four Masters GAA Club pays tribute at awards presentation night

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Donegal GAA club pays tribute to the late Dom and Mary Breslin

Dom and Mary Breslin

At the annual Awards Presentation night of the Four Masters GAA Club last night in Dom’s Pier 1, warm and sincere tributes were paid to the late Dom and Mary Breslin.

Kieran Espey told the packed room, “Both Dom and Mary were unbelievable friends of this club and their support will never be fully realised. In their time in the Abbey they were always behind us and after they moved down here to Pier 1, it automatically became our new spiritual home.

“Dom took over sponsorship of the club in 2003, a year that saw us winning the county championship and his son Michael has continued the family tradition. Apart from the sponsorship, the Breslin family have been true supporters of the club, rarely missing a match and even now young Conor is making his own impact on the field.

“As a small gesture, we are erecting a bench on the Diamond in connection with Donegal County Council in honour of Dom and Mary’s great contribution over the years.

“It is a small gesture but one that will keep the memory of this great couple very much alive for years to come.”

Mary Breslin passed away in November of 2015 and Dom Breslin passed away in February of last year.