Almost €30,000 of illegal drugs seized by Donegal gardai this year


Almost €30,000 of illegal drugs seized by Donegal gardai this year

Gardaí in Donegal have seized close to €30,000 of illegal drugs and made 15 arrests for possession for sale and supply of drugs in operations since the beginning of the year.

The operations by the Letterkenny Garda drugs unit have seen the seizures of approximately €14,000 of cannabis herb, €5,000 of cocaine, €8,000 of cannabis plants and €1,000 of ecstasy tablets.

Seizures of cash and paraphernalia associated with the sale and supply of drugs have also been seized.

The operations have centred around Letterkenny and the surrounding areas.

Some of the finds have been made in stop and search operations

The latest operation saw the seizure of €10,000 in a raid on a house in the St Johnston area which saw one man arrested .

More energy invested

Letterkenny Garda Inspector Goretti Sheridan said more energy has been invested into efforts to detecting illegal drugs in Letterkenny.

“It is obvious that we have to thank the public for working with us,” she said.

“That is key to us being successful and we hope to continue to get more detections. Operations are ongoing and we will continue to target the sale and supply of drugs.”

She said the public needed to be aware that a conviction for possession for a small amount of drugs can lead to a court conviction which can impact on the ability of an individual to work and travel abroad.

“People are being found with a small amount and they don’t seem to know the impact that can have on them if convicted.”

The efforts by gardaí since the beginning of the year have seen some significant arrests, she said.

Keep an eye on children

“There is evidence to suggest that drugs are freely available in the area. We are asking parents to be vigilant and to keep an eye in their children.”