Donegal mother’s emotional appeal made in memory of her beloved son Shane (18)

“I wanted to do it for Shane"

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Donegal mother’s emotional appeal made in memory of her beloved son Shane (18)

Shane pictured with his Mother Julie

The mother of a Donegal teenager killed by a driver who was driving at 165 kmph has said the emotional appeal she made for safety on the roads was done in memory of her son.
Eighteen-year-old Shane Patton was killed in July 2012 in a collision near his Drumkeen home.

Eamonn Lynch, a repeat offender with almost 500 convictions including more than 200 for road traffic offences was jailed for careless driving causing death, was jailed for causing Shane’s death.

Lynch was jailed earlier this week at Letterkenny Circuit Court for 18 months on a charge that had a maximum sentence of two years. Lynch, who is originally from Derry, had previously failed to appear in relation to the charges and only appeared in court after being arrested in Northern Ireland on a European arrest warrant.

The court heard that if Lynch had been driving at the speed limit he could have avoided the accident.

In a harrowing victim impact statement, Shane’s mother, Julie, warned of the devastation that can be caused to lives when people break the law on the road.

“I wanted to do it for Shane,” Julie told the Donegal Democrat.

Julie and her husband Martin were in court for the sentencing of Lynch. Shane also left behind two younger siblings, Dina and Jason.

“Life for us cannot be changed but if someone can learn from Shane’s life that drink driving is not acceptable and if it changes one person's opinion, hopefully it will save someone’s life,” Julie said.