Falcarragh responders' busy start in north Donegal

Eamonn McFadden


Eamonn McFadden



Falcarragh responders' busy start in north Donegal

Members of Falcarragh First Responders giving training to members of the Falcarragh "Park Run" committee

It has been a busy time for the Falcarragh First Responders group, having been called out 23 times in their first five months since they began.

The group have been active in helping train new recruits and even have provided training for those involved in hosting the local weekly “Park Run” in Falcarragh.

The group were also presented with a Defibrillator by the Falcarragh Celtic Supporters Club. The presentation was made in the Shamrock Bar on Christmas Eve by club members to the First Responders group.

New recruits

A spokesperson for the group said they currently have new members in training which will bring their numbers up to 29.

They stated: “Falcarragh First Responders was set up to provide cover for heart attacks cardiac arrest, choking, chest pain and strokes until the ambulance service arrives. We have been running now for five months and in the five months they have been called out 23 times by the national ambulance service. On average our response time when we receive the call until we are on scene is roughly seven minutes, so it shows why it's important to have such a service in a rural area.

“We currently have 19 volunteers and after the New Year it will be 29 as we are currently training new ones up”.

To find more about the groups activities or contact information, please follow them on their Facebook page - Falcarragh Cardiac First Responders.