Newly wed couple raise €900 at their wedding in Dungloe for charity

Guests help the homeless by taking part in a “mannequin challenge”

Eamonn McFadden


Eamonn McFadden


Newly wed couple raise €900 at their wedding in Dungloe for charity

The happy couple with some of the guests who took part in the charity challenge at their wedding in Dungloe over the New Year.

In a kind hearted move during their big day, a newly wed couple helped raise almost €900 to help the homeless, by getting their guests to take part in a “mannequin challenge”.

Over the New Year’s weekend, Burtonport woman Jessica Gallagher married Rory McLaughlin from Derry at a fun-filled wedding in the Waterfront Hotel in Dungloe before a large group of family and friends. The couple also used the day to raise money for those experiencing difficult times.

Jessica, who is the daughter of Pally and Suzanne Gallagher in Burtonport, and Rory live in Manchester, England, but returned home the tie the knot.

Suzanne explains that they carried out the “mannequin challenge”, a recent phenomenon where groups of people hold a specific still pose as if if frozen in time, while someone videos the scene, to support the work of Br. Kevin Crowley.

Suzanne, a Special Needs Assistant in Rosses Community School, had been part of the school group that visited Br Kevin in Dublin last year and found his work “moving”.

“It was so moving seeing the work Br. Kevin does. Myself and Jessica were talking that there would be so many people together after a big meal and we are in somewhere warm on such a joyous occasion. We reckoned if we got a euro off everyone as there was almost 200 guests, wouldn’t it be great to send the money up to him. We then thought we had to get the guests to do something for it, so we said we would do the mannequin challenge. So that is how it came about. Everybody got involved - young and old. It was great as Br Kevin does huge work. He is a great man,” Suzanne explained.

Guests were introduced to the challenge idea by Jessica’s cousin, Tracy Gallagher, and Conor Doherty filmed and edited the remarkable video that was put online.

There was a basket placed on each table, along with some information about the Bow Street Capuchin Centre Br Kevin runs in Dublin and everyone gave generously, raising the grand total of €889.38.

The money will now be presented to Br Kevin by Jessica’s sister, Jasmine, in the coming weeks.