Warning after Donegal house fire

Chip pan thought to be source of fire

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Warning after Letterkenny house fire

A warning has been made about the dangers of chip pans over the holiday period after the fire bridge responded to a house fire in Letterkenny this afternoon.
The fire broke out at a house in the Carnamuggagh area of Letterkenny around 2pm and was quickly brought under control.
Local councillor Jimmy Kavanagh said he believed the cause of the fire was a chip pan. The fire shows the dangers of chip pans and how people must be vigilant, he said.
“It is that time of year and the sort of thing that can happen when people are still off and still at home,” he said. “A chip pan is another source of fires at this time of year and many lives have been lost over ship pans.”
He said the fire service responded very quickly to the incident.
“There were there pretty much immediately which is good in that sort of situation.”