Donegal families still waiting after Mica report delayed

Department report into defective blocks expected in early 2017

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Mica report delayed

Donegal families say they are facing a "winter of discontent" after learning that a report on defective housing blocks has been delayed.

The Department of Environment advised the Mica Action Group that the report from the independent panel set up earlier in the year to investigate the issue of defective blocks in Donegal and Mayo will be delayed until early next year.

The group was told that, due to a more rigorous investigation and a more extensive nature of the problem than anticipated, the report will be sent to the Minister at the end of January and released four weeks later.

Phil Mc Daid, chairman of the Mica Action Group, said all those affected now face "another winter of discontent" as their homes deteriorate further. They accept however, that "the panel had not anticipated the complexity and extensive nature of the problem".

The group “would support the investigation being as thorough and rigorous as possible,” he continued.

The action group is also seeking a meeting with the panel “at the earliest possible opportunity” to discuss their findings, he added.

Mr McDaid encouraged anyone affected by the problem who has not yet registered with them to do so at at or the Mica Action Group on