Concern at waste washed up on Buncrana beach

Foul smelling material on beach and in water

By Eamonn McFadden


By Eamonn McFadden


Stragill strand

Some of the apparent waste material on Stragill beach this morning.

Health concerns have been raised that a large amount of apparent waste material has washed up on beaches near Buncrana today.

A member of the public, who has asked not to be named, has contacted the Donegal Democrat to highlight that while walking her dog this morning at 9.30am between Buncrana town and Linsfort she noticed the large amount of foul smelling material on the beaches, rock pools and in the water.

Members of the coastguard are due to attend the scene to examine the issue.

The witness stated: “The beach is covered in it and the water is full of it, from where I walked from one side of Buncrana to the Linsfort/Stragill area. The sand was covered in this white material. It looked like snow but I realised it could not be snow.

"When I went down, I realised it was fish scales and fish waste. I made the mistake of touching it and the smell of it was noxious. I’m not trying to be alarmist but I’m simply trying to raise awareness and get to the bottom of what the material is and whether or not, in that quantity on the beach in a rotting state, it could be hazard or health risk, particularly to children playing on the beach,” she added.

Local area councillor Jack Murray said he has been made aware of the situation and raised it with the environment section of Donegal County Council who will investigate the matter tomorrow morning.