Weather update for Donegal as winter arrives!

Sleet and snow combine with freezing temperatures to make driving conditions hazardous

Michael Daly


Michael Daly

Weather update for Donegal  as winter arrives!

Frosty start this morning but sunshine will clear that up, but it's going to stay cold all weekend

Winter has arrived!

A bitterly cold night made driving conditions treacherous for motorists in Donegal. This morning is cold and frosty and there's a light covering of snow on hills and higher ground.

Today will be cold and dry in many areas, 4C to 6C best high temperatures today in light westerly winds. Sunshine in the morning will help to remove the frost and fog.

It will be a cold and frosty weekend as temperatures fall but the frosty roads should clear later this morning.

Pat Clarke of Met Eireann said: “We are in a cold weather period now, and it is going to stay on the cold side of normal for the next four or five days at least. “

It will be freezing tonight with lowest temperatures falling to between -3C to -1C.

Rain or sleet is expected on Sunday morning but the day will be mostly dry with sunny spells. It will remain cold, and again a widespread frost at night is anticipated.

Next week will be much the same, cold, scattered showers and good sunny spells.