Carraig Úna disaster was the second tragedy for Donegal fishing village

Five lives lost just 22 months after six died on the Evelyn Marie

Sue Doherty


Sue Doherty


Carraig Úna disaster was the second tragedy for  Donegal fishing village

The memorial in Burtonport to the crews of the Carraig Úna and Evelyn Marie.

The loss of the Carraig Úna, which claimed the lives of Ted Carbery, John Boyle, Doalty O'Donnell, Micheál Coyle and Anthony McLaughlin on November 23rd, 1976, was the second such tragedy to strike the Burtonport fishing community in less than two years.

The Evelyn Marie sank, with the loss of six lives, on the same reef and in the same conditions just 22 months earlier, on January 7th, 1975. Those who died were Paddy Bonner, Hughie Gallagher, Johnny O'Donnell, Roland Faughnan, Tom Ham and Joe O'Donnell.

Fr Dan McDyer, who comforted the families bereaved both tragedies, spoke to the Donegal Democrat after the sinking of the Carraig Úna. He said, "It will be some time before the relatives can grasp the horror of this fresh tragedy. We are all bewildered and numbed that this should strike us again in such a short time."

On the pier at Burtonport, there is a memorial honouring the crews of the Evelyn Marie and the Carraig Úna, with the dates of the two disasters and the names of those who lost their lives.

The memorial also reads:

“They are in the hands of God.

No torments shall ever touch them

Their going looked like a disaster

But they are at peace.

Let not their memory perish.”

* Memorial services will be held this Saturday at 6pm in St Columba's Church, Acres, Burtonport on Sunday at 11am in St Mary's Church, Killybegs and on Wednesday, November 23rd at 7pm in St Mary's Church, Kincasslagh.