Donegal stargazers looking to the moon!

Millions follow the progress of the “Supermoon”

Matt Britton


Matt Britton

Donegal stargazers looking to the moon!

Perth a short time ago as locals, among them many from Donegal, watch the 'Supermoon'

As you read this right now there are millions of people around the world gazing into the skies hoping to catch a glimpse of tonight’s 'Supermoon'.                                  

Tonight's moon will be the biggest and brightest in living memory  and people around the world will be watching just after the sun sets.                                                   

During the event, the moon will appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than an average full moon. It will be at its biggest in decades, and offer brilliant photo opportunities, according to experts.                                                                         

Last night the moon was almost as bright, and will continue to dazzle throughout the week, but it will be at its brightest tonight and with the misty conditions beginning to lift stargazers are confident that we just might get a glimpse in Donegal.            

With the different time zones around the world there have been spectacular                                             images from Australia and Tokyo and as darkness fall we will obviously be treated   to many more

The best time to catch this unique image will be around sunset this evening which takes place at 16.12 with the moon expected to rise here in Donegal around 16.45.

If however you do miss this opportunity tonight NASA, The US Space Agency have  assured that if cloudy weather comes in the way of witnessing the 'Supermoon', there will be another chance next month to see the last 'Supermoon' of 2016 on Dec. 14.

Our photo shows Donegal natives Darren Drummond and Sarah Daly among the many viewing the ‘Supermoon’ in Perth a short time ago.