Donegal Fire Service issue warning ahead of Halloween celebrations

By Michelle NicPhaidin


By Michelle NicPhaidin


Donegal Fire Service issue warning ahead of Halloween celebrations

Illegal fireworks may ignite in your hand injuring you or those who are in close proximity to you, a leading fire officer has warned. 

The warning comes ahead of tonight's Halloween celebrations.  

The Acting Chief Fire Officer of the Donegal Fire Service, Mr. Joseph McTaggart said: "It is illegal to possess fireworks in Ireland that may have been legally purchased outside the country. 

"Illegal fireworks may not be manufactured to the appropriate stands and can ignite prematurely causing serious injury to the user or to others in the vicinity, particularly children."

Meanwhile, Donegal County Council (DCC) is asking local communities not to provide materials for bonfires. 

The Waste Awareness Officer, Suzanne Bogan said: "While traditionally wood and straw were used on bonfires, in recent times materials, such as tyres, mattresses, furniture, plastics, metal etc are burned on bonfires. This type of activity is illegal. It is also an offence to supply waste materials to parties collecting for ‘Bonfire Night’."

She added that burning certain materials are damaging to the environment. 

Ms. Bogan added: "Donegal County Council is currently monitoring a number of locations were waste materials have been supplied as bonfire material over the past number of years and we are undertaking an audit of certain businesses to ensure that there is compliance under the relevant legislation and to ensure that waste materials are not supplied for burning on bonfires.”