Mystical cross revealed

Mystical cross revealed

An early Christian emblem has revealed itself on a hill in the village of Killea, enthralling passengers who are travelling to the city of Derry airport.

A giant celtic cross, which is apparent from the air, was created by Liam Emmery, who sadly passed away six years ago, aged 51, following a prolonged period of illness.

The celtic cross is at least 100 metres long and 70 metres wide and encompasses two different types of trees.

Liam's wife, Nora Emmery, told UTV this week: “Liam was in an accident and he was unwell for two years and he had suffered brain damage.

“If he was here, we would all have heard about it because he would be so proud,” she said.

The work has been praised by horticultural expert, Gareth Austin who describes the celtic cross as a gift that people will enjoy for generations to come.

This dry season created the perfect conditions for the trees to thrive and stand out against the landscape and showcase a work of art and engineering for all to enjoy.

Ms. Emmery said that her late husband always liked everything to be perfect and that this was the perfect symbol to remember him by.

“He just loved all things to be perfect.

“And, I think that the celtic cross is perfect for him,” she said.