TD says Budget 2017 is good news for Donegal Airport

TD says Budget 2017 is good news for Donegal Airport

A Donegal Deputy says a commitment given to Donegal Airport(pictured) in Tuesday’s Budget 2017, is to be welcomed.

Deputy Pat the Cope Gallagher said the commitment given to the airport as part of the Aviation programme for capital investment will assist in future expansion but more significantly the statement included a commitment for the PSO for Donegal Airport as part of the Regional Airports Programme 2015 – 2019.

Deputy Gallagher, in a statement, said he had “lobbied extensively” for the PSO arrangement to continue for Donegal Airport.

He said he now welcomed the fact the Minister “accepted his proposal regarding Donegal Airport” adding that the PSO commitment is essential for the success of the airport and its continued growth in the years ahead.

He said: “The budget PSO commitment secures the airports future and will now allow the airport authorities to plan in an orderly way for future expansion and growth, the announcement of further capital investment is also welcome news.

“Donegal Airport is a key part of the county’s transport infrastructure as it offers connectively to many locations – further potential growth and new locations can be tapped in the future now that funding is guaranteed for the airport.”