"Still no emergency access to Tullan Strand" - surfers remind council

Sue Doherty


Sue Doherty



"Still no emergency access to Tullan Strand" - surfers remind council

Former Bundoran Town Cllr Mick McMahon, David Murphy, Adrian Browne, Killian O'Kelly and Cllr Sean McEniff at Drumlonagher Public Services Centre today.

Members of Bundoran's surfing industry reminded local councillors and council staff today that another tragic death could take place at Tullan Strand if action is not taken.

Killian O'Kelly, Adrian Browne and Owen Murphy were invited to make a presentation to today's meeting of the DCC Donegal Municipal District Meeting in Drumlonagher.

During the last six years, Mr O'Kelly said, the surfing businesses had paid three times to help keep the path open and conducted thousands of surf lessons despite there being no emergency access to the beach.

"This problem was highlighted in August when a soldier tragically drowned. Five of his colleagues were in danger, two of them had to get their lungs pumped and be assisted up the slope.

"If they had needed more than just help up the slope, there is no way an ambulance could get access. The ambulance was parked at the three bollards that block the way to the beach."

DCC's Garry Martin told the deputation that consultations are ongoing with all the relevant stakeholders.

"We can't force the stakeholders to engage with us in a time limit that they are not comfortable with," he said.

"There is nothing decided until all the stakeholders are given every opportunity they need to outline their feelings to us and for us to come back to them."

Speaking to the Democrat afterwards, Mr O'Kelly said he was frustrated. "You can speak to all the stakeholders you want but this job has to be done."

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