Council honour Nobel Laureate

Council honour Nobel Laureate
By Eamonn McFadden @dgldemocrat

Nobel laureate, Ramelton 's Professor Bill Campbell, was honoured with a civic reception by Donegal County Council on Monday and claimed if there was a Nobel prize offered for hospitality and scenery then Donegal would win it.

Prof. Campbell was recognized for his achievement in jointly winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Satoshi Omura of Japan and Tu Youyou of China for their discoveries that have revolutionised the treatment of some of the world's most devastating parasitic diseases which were a major cause of River Blindness and other conditions.

He attended the function with members of his family from both Donegal and the USA where he has lived and worked for many years.

Speaking to guests at the function Prof. Campbell said he was alway delighted to be back in Donegal.

“I am delighted to be in Donegal. I’m always delighted to be in Donegal and this is very special. I have had a very warm reception already since I have been here. I said this the other night at the do in Rametlon. If there was such a thing as a Nobel Prize for hospitality and welcoming then County Donegal would win it. Also if there was a Nobel Prize for scenery County Donegal would win it. But, more important than anything else is the people of Donegal. They have been extremely generous to me and I want to thank you for this welcome. I am proud to be from Donegal,” he stated before receiving a standing ovation.

He was welcomed to the reception by Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr Terence Slowey, who said the professor's work has helped save the lives of countless people around the world.

“It is a humbling experience for me to be in the presence of a man whose life’s work has impacted on so many people.

“Hundreds of millions of people are alive today because of your work and because of the team of people that you have worked with throughout your career,” Cllr Slowey stated.

Seamus Neely, Chief Executive of Donegal County Council stated: “Professor Campbell your place in history is assured and you will be remembered as one of .the greatest scientists of our time who made a positive impact on society.

“This will inspire and encourage many more people to pursue a career in science and contribute in a similar impactful way.”

He was presented with a special scroll and framed seal of office and a painting called “North by North West” by Fionntann Gogarty.