Thousands on the brew across Donegal for Hospice

Would you like a cup of tea ... ah go on, go on

Michael Daly


Michael Daly

Thousands on the brew across Donegal for Hospice

Evelyn and Mella Britton at their front door this morning where they welcomed all to their coffee morning for Hospice.

"Do you want another bun," Evelyn Britton asked as she put more temptation in front of me at her beautiful home in Donegal town.

It would have been bad manners to say no. 

As I left her home, half a stone heavier and with two pints of tea lowered, the thought struck me, apart from not knowing when to leave the table, that people are amazing.

Evelyn and her daughter Mella,  are so typical of so many across Donegal, willing to literally throw the doors open for a great cause, Hospice. Everyone is welcome and based on my time there, several hundred would have had a wee bun and a cuppa over the course of the morning in that house.

For several years now the Britton family home on the Ballyshannon Road in Donegal town has hosted a Coffee Morning, but going by the huge numbers coming and going this morning, they are almost at cottage industry scale now. It really was busy.

The house never cooled and the kettles were on the boil with a small army of willing helpers making sure everyone got a wee slice of something gorgeous. The shortbread put the tin hat on it for me. All willpower gone.

I know there are Evelyn and Mella Brittons all over Donegal and all over Ireland doing their bit for Hospice, and I know the organisation will gain vital funds from the spirit and generosity of so many, hence these few lines to say well done to all, I raise a cup to you!

If you have had a coffee morning, be sure to let us know, send us a photo (or two!) and let us know who you are and where you hosted your event.