Slow run home for many from Donegal leaving Dublin this afternoon

Dublin Bus Industrial Action

Slow run home for many from Donegal leaving Dublin this afternoon

Donegal people returning to the county from Dublin this evening will be among the 400,000 people hit hardest by the two day Dublin Bus industrial action.

Students, workers and day trippers from the county can add an hour to their journey if the experience ‘enjoyed’ by one Donegal motorist who had to come across the city after 4.30pm on Thursday is anything to go by.

“It was like being struck in the aftermath of an All Ireland final, I’ve never seen so many cars heading for the N3, I was just glad I had just put a litre of oil in the car engine!,” one told the Democrat.

Many Donegal families attending graduations at UCD for their sons or daughters on Thursday the journey out of the city was equally testing.

This Friday evening will probably be worse as more people join the traditional Friday exodus from the city.

Garadi advise “extra care”

Meanwhile, gardaí in Dublin are again appealing to all road users to take extra care on their journeys.

In a statement they pointed out that bus lanes will continue to operate as normal to facilitate other bus service providers, public service vehicles, emergency service vehicles and increased cyclist numbers.

“An Garda Siochána recognise the challenges facing the travelling public and are advising commuters to plan ahead and identify alternative forms of (public) transport.

Traffic is again expected to be extremely heavy on commuter routes, especially during morning and evening peaks.”

**If you are from Donegal and travelling home, share your pictures and tell us how you are coping with the strike. Has it added to your journey time?