Rugby star revisits Glengad tragedy

Rugby star revisits Glengad tragedy
By Michelle

A former Irish international rugby player revisited the site of the Glengad fishing tragedy this weekend.

Four fishermen tragically lost their lives on a fishing vessel on September 20, 1987.

The tragedy was one that rocked the small close knit community of Glengad to the very core.

Last weekend, a TG4 documentary crew were on site to discuss the repercussions of the tragedy with family members and to recall the events which took place almost two decades ago.

The documentary will be presented by the former rugby international, Luke Fitzgerald.

The documentary makers recalled many of other fishing disasters which have taken place in the area.

Mother and daughter Eimear and Sally McDaid were present to recall the day that David McDaid left home, never to return.

Eimear McDaid lost her father, David, in the fishing tragedy when she was only six weeks old.

She has campaigned to highlight safety measures surrounding safety at sea over the years.

Other fishermen that were lost in the tragedy were Barney McDaid, 56, his sons Charlie, 20 and Patrick, 33, and nephew David McDaid, 27.

Charlie was engaged to be married after Christmas. He went fishing that fateful morning as a crew member had been sick and was unable to work that day.

The documentary 'An Lá a rugadh mé' will be broadcast on TG4.

Pictured: Luke Fitzgerald in Glengad interviewing people in relation to the tragedy.