Waterbus 'wave' post goes viral

Swamped by reaction to video

Waterbus 'wave' post goes viral

It was not a massive wave from the Billabong XXL or indeed footage from the surging surfing waves off Mullaghmore but a simple wave yesterday morning in Donegal Harbour that has become the latest internet sensation.

The Donegal Bay Waterbus has developed quite a reputation for posting topical and comical videos which draw many into their site which publicises not only their own services but the various attractions in the environs.

Dermot Drumm who looks after the Facebook page for the Waterbus told the Democrat, “I find Facebook one of the most effective marketing tools to get the message across - it doesn’t have to be rocket science, it can be just something quirky that gels with a worldwide audience.

“I was walking down the pier yesterday and this one just hit me - “A Huge wave at Donegal Pier” and then later a “Heat Wave”.

“A simple wave into the phone with the Donegal Bay in the background and before you know it we have 128,000views, 376,000 reaches and 1,121 shares. It has just been phenomenal.

“At least there are up on a half a million more people now familiar with the Waterbus and Donegal Town.”

The video is on the Donegal Waterbus facebook page and well worth a look.