Studying Theology online at the Priory Institute

Studying Theology online at the Priory Institute

Christopher Hanlon from Lettermacaward completed the on line diploma course at the Priory Institute last year.

"It was most informative. There was great depth and detail to the courses and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I can well see myself going back to do the degree course,"Christopher says.

At this time of year there is a myriad information on courses and classes on every subject under the sun. It's the perfect time to be adventurous and decide to broaden your horizons.

Have you ever thought of finding out more about theology?

Theology is an exciting discipline. It's about examining the mystery of God and what has been said about divinity. Christian theology focuses on Jesus, 2,000 years of history and scholarship. It looks at how we try to speak about God. The Gospels give us some idea how Jesus made people think.

Ireland was known as a 'Catholic country'. That's changing at breathtaking speed. But the Ireland that is disappearing was never renowned for its theological expertise.

The Priory Institute offers an extensive programme in theology studies.

It is affiliated to the Institute of Technology Tallaght and offers a wide range of courses, including degrees, diplomas and certificates.

What makes The Priory Institute special is that learning is done from home, interspersed with study days and tutorials with support from a dedicated coordinator.

Modern technology allows The Priory Institute Distance Learning Programme bring the lecture hall right into your home.

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