Caution urged by Donegal Rowing Club as Killarney rowers treated for Lyme disease


Rowing clubs have urged people to exercise caution after two juvenille rowers who took part in the All-Ireland Coastal Championships in Ballyshannon have been diagnosed with early stage Lyme disease.

The two members of the Workmen's Rowing Club were recently diagnosed by a doctor in Killarney.

A text message was sent from within the Workmen's Rowing Club, urging all those who attended the Coastal Championships to check for any signs of circular, red rash on their limbs or their body.

The spokesperson for the Workmen's Rowing, Club Karen Uí Churtáin, said that she had been informed by the parents of the boys in relation to the issue.

She said: “It seems that they might have caught it when they were in Donegal.”

She added that the condition normally presents two weeks after the person has been infected and that would lead people to the assumption that it may have been caught in Donegal.

She said: “Donegal is the common denominator. Maybe they came home and caught it here.”

She did add that there is an issue with Lyme disease in Killarney.

“It's no reflection on Donegal. We loved the area. We had a great time,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Donegal Rowing Club has posted a message to their Facebook Page urging people to check for Lyme disease symptoms.

The Chairmain of the Donegal Rowing Club, Seamus Maguire said that the club is currently considering whether they will bid to have the All-Ireland Coastal Championships held in Donegal 2017.

“It was hugely successful in 2016. We are currently in talks in relation to it. It's an ongoing process,” he said.

He added that businesses in Ballyshannon and in the surrounding areas were delighted with the business generated from the event.

“When you think of small clubs knocking on doors looking for sponsorship, it's great to be able to give something back to them,” he said.

Meanwhile, the website, KillarneyToday. com said: “It cannot be confirmed that the big rowing event in Donegal was where the disease was contracted but both juvenilles were in Ballyshannon for the championship and developed symptoms at the same time so every precaution is being taken.”

Pictured: A sample of what Lyme disease may look like.