Met Éireann dismisses hurricane fears

Weather will be changeable over coming days

Met Éireann dismisses hurricane fears

A spokesperson for Met Éireann has said that the hurricane that is currently churning in the Atlantic ocean will not affect Donegal.

Hurricane Gaston gathered momentum on Saturday last, traveling at speeds of up to 105 miles per hour in an area close to the Bermuda islands. There are no warnings currently issued for land.

A spokesperson for Met Éireann confirmed to the Donegal Democrat that Hurricane Gaston is too far away to have any affect on this region.

He said: “It is not heading this way. There is no threat from that hurricane.”

The Met Éireann spokesperson said the weather will be changeable.

He said that tomorrow (Tuesday) should be warm. He added that coastal areas may be ‘cloudy or misty’ as a result of temperatures that could be as high as 22 in inland areas.

“However, this weather is not going to last. It will change on Tuesday night. It will be cooler by Wednesday. It will be unsettled with rain at the weekend,” he said.