Lifeboat rescues sheep that fell 200ft into ravine


Lifeboat rescues sheep that fell 200ft into ravine

A sheep that fell 200 feet from a cliff has been rescued by a Donegal lifeboat crew.

Lough Swilly RNLI rescued the sheep after three local fishermen spotted the animal stranded on a ledge in a ravine at Leenan Head, Inishowen, with no means of escape.

The fishermen contacted Malin Head Coast Guard, and Lough Swilly’s inshore Atlantic 85 lifeboat was requested to launch.

The call was made at 4.30 pm on Sunday and weather conditions were described as good with a flat calm sea.

At the scene the lifeboat was met by the fishermen, who had located the animal.

A kayaker who had also arrived on scene, first paddled in close to the cliff in an attempt to encourage the animal back up the hill.

With this failing to work, the lifeboat crew and the kayaker proceeded to enter the water and make their way towards the sheep where they safely caught her and gently placed her in the kayak before transferring her into the lifeboat.

Once on board the lifeboat, the sheep was comforted by the crew and safely brought back to more familiar surroundings on shore.

Joe Joyce, Lough Swilly RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer said: ‘We think the young sheep had fallen about 200 feet and with nowhere to go she was shaking from her ordeal by the time we took her on board the lifeboat. The RNLI is often called upon to rescue animals and we are always happy to assist not only to bring them to safety but also to ensure the safety of pet owners or farmers who may risk their own life in attempting to bring their animal safely back to shore.’