Timmy the donkey foal is a "little trooper"

Timmy the donkey foal is a "little trooper"
Michelle Nic Phaidin michelle.nicphaidin@donegaldemocrat.com @dgldemocrat

A five-week-old donkey foal born with lax tendons in his hind legs and rescued from a forest in south Donegal was fitted with special shoes yesterday morning.

The donkey foal has made national headlines and has been receiving get well cards and visitors over the last number of weeks.

The much-loved donkey was born with lax tendons in his hindlegs. His mother ‘Twilight’ suffered some trauma before he was born. Twilight was rescued from a forest in south Donegal.

Sandra Curran who works at the sanctuary said that Timmy has “progressed well over the last 10 days with one of his tendons tightening to a more satisfactory level.”

She said: “This has raised this leg considerably off the ground. Unfortunately the other tendon has not and this has created a major problem for Timmy as he is now forced to walk with a very unnatural gait.”

This week, Timmy, travelled to the veterinary surgery for extensive X-rays which clearly show a lack of progress on one side.

“As a result of these x-rays and in consultation with the farrier a special set of foal hyper-extension shoes have been fitted to both hooves and it is our hope that this will alleviate the problem.”

She added that equine hooves are extremely soft in a newborn foal so they had to wait until Timmy was old enough in order for the shoes to actually fit.

The shoes are held in place by a special glue.

Fighting spirit

She complimented Timmy’s fighting spirit: “He is an amazing little donkey with tremendous spirit and has no problem with human contact. He was quite happy to allow the shoes to be fitted and almost ‘nodded off’ during the process.”

Timmy’s story and his strong little character have captured the hearts of lots of people across the globe.

Timmy’s struggle is not yet over yet as his increasing size and weight will put severe pressure on the bones as he grows.

The ‘ball and socket’ joint is out of alignment and these bones will rub together and deplete the cartilage in that leg. This could ultimately lead to the collapse of the bone structure in that leg which would not be salvageable.

Sandra said: “This is a ‘worst case scenario’ and we are pinning our hopes on his little shoes. Hopefully he will be galloping around the paddocks soon.”

She urged people to share Timmy’s story which is on the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary page.

A ‘go fund me’ page was established to help the sanctuary pay for his extensive veterinary bills and ongoing care.

People at home and abroad have been very generous and Timmy has had many visitors to the sanctuary who are eager to meet him.

Opening hours are 11-30am until 4-30pm every day. Please feel free to come along and offer your support to this ‘little trooper’ who is trying to defy the odds and survive.

To lend your supportgo to: https://www.gofundme.com/Littletimmy16

Our pictures show a close up of the special shoes and a picture of timmy and Twilight.