Many wish to retain iconic 'Bád Eddie'

Many wish to retain iconic 'Bád Eddie'

The majority of people who attended a meeting to discuss the future of one of the most famous boats in the county want to retain the iconic landmark.

Sinn Féin Councillor, John Shéamuis Ó’Fearraigh, held a meeting to gauge the sentiment of the community in relation to the boat at ‘An Chrannóg’ in Gaoth Dobhair last Friday night.

He said that of those who attended the meeting the general consensus was that ‘Bád Eddie’ should be retained.

Bád Eddie was formally known as Cara na Mara and was brought from Lorient in France to Gaoth Dobhair in the early 70’s. The boat was on anchor in the sea when a storm struck and it was brought to the shore outside Óstán Ghaoth Dobhair.

The boat has been photographed by visitors from across the world. The boat attracts visitors in all kinds of weather and has proved an attraction to the community for decades.

Cllr. Ó’Fearraigh said that the establishment of a working committee was agreed at the meeting. It was also agreed that a feasibility study be carried out on the boat. A further meeting will be held in the next four weeks.

The Cnoc Fola based councillor added that one of the most important statements made at the meeting was that work would need to be carried out on the boat as soon as possible.

The meeting heard that despite the fact that the boat was made of strong wood that the nails were rusty and were releasing the pieces of wood that hold it together.

There are signs on the boat at the moment asking people not to go near the boat as it could prove dangerous.

Cllr. Ó’Fearraigh said that there are many issues that need to be dealt with in relation to the boat before the possible restoration might take place. The councillor said that he would be liaising with Donegal County Council in relation to the issue.

Meanwhile, a documentary is being made on the boat by a local director. At present any old footage of the boat and the area is being sought to be used within the documentary.

Anyone who has old photographs, video footage or footage of any description can contact, call 087 401 5269 or you can visit the Facebook page; Bád Eddie or Cara na Mara.