Donegal's Dancing Queens!

Teen jivers' video goes viral, with more than 200,000 views in one week

Sue Doherty


Sue Doherty


Donegal's Dancing Queens!

Megan and Claire meeting Niall at the Moynalty Steam Threshing Festival

Two young teenagers from Donegal became internet sensations when a video of them jiving posted online.

Megan Ruddy (16) from Falcarragh and Claire Campbell (14) are friends who both attend PCC Falcarragh.

“I'd always been interested in jiving,” Megan told the DD/DPP.

“I'm not sure how that came about but my parents would jive occasionally and that's quite possibly how I first started to like it.

“I'd watch it whenever I could online and on DVD.A lady in Dunfanaghy taught Claire and I also taught her a bit. Whatever jiving was on in our area, we'd just go along.

“Then last year, when I was doing TY, our school had a Jiving Night fundraiser and we took part in that, along with some of our friends,” she added.

Last week, Megan sent a video of the pair jiving to dancer Niall Doorhy.

Click here to watch the video:

“I just wanted him to see how much we'd learned from him watching his DVDs and videos,” Megan explained.

He was so impressed with the quality of their jiving, he posted it on his Facebook page on Friday, August 12. The famous dancing teacher commented, “I think they are fantastic and a credit to young people and their parents.”

He also invited them to meet him at Moynalty Steam Threshing Festival.

By this morning, the video had been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Megan says she and Claire are delighted.

“The numbers watching it have been going up every day. It's unreal. We're delighted.

The two young ladies aren't letting their newfound fame go to their heads, though.

When asked if they have any plans to follow up on the video's spectacular success, Megan laughed and said. “It would be lovely if something more came out of it but at the moment, we're just really happy.”