"Self belief is the most important ingredient in life" - Jason Black tells rowing competitors

All Ireland Rowing Championships

"Self belief is the most important ingredient in life" - Jason Black tells rowing competitors

At the official opening of the All Ireland Rowing Championships in the Sandhouse Hotel on Friday night there was a huge focus on self belief and esteem not only in sport but in life in general.

In welcoming delegates and teams from all over the country Mayor Terence Slowey said, “As a proud Donegal man I am delighted to see participants from every corner of the country here in my native county this weekend.

“We have a proud tradition of rowing here in Donegal but never did I envisage that we would be hosting the All Ireland Championships here so soon. The Donegal Bay Rowing Club was in its infancy four years ago - today it is hosting the most prestigious competition in the sport. We have also witnessed the outstanding achievements of the O’Donovan brothers in Rio - this is all about self belief. I would like to compliment Seamus Maguire and the members of the club for having the confidence to take this competition on.

Keynote speaker Jason Black from Letterkenny, the only Donegal man to conquer Everest, spoke about his journey “through the gates of Hell to the summit of the world”.

He said, “You can have all the training in the world, all the fancy gear but if you don’t have that belief in yourself, you won’t achieve it. You must actually visualise your goals in life; be yourself; you don’t have to fit into anybody else’s box, you just set your own targets and follow that goal.

“Don’t dream your dreams, achieve them,” he said. For full interview with Jason Black see the Thursday edition of the Donegal Democrat

Pictured: Jason Black congratulates one of the participating crews who already had achieved their first medals on Friday afternoon. INDD 1508 Maritime MVB