Museum seeks to reunite Teddy with owner

Teddy having fun at county museum

Museum seeks to reunite Teddy with owner

The staff of the Donegal County Museum are looking to reunite a teddy with his owner.

The teddy was discovered in the museum on Saturday afternoon, but museum staff said, “Don’t worry, we have been keeping him busy, so he’s not too lonely until he can go home.”

Teddy has already tried the Donegal Museum Detectives Backpack (pictured) and had a go at the museum’s children’s activity book, County Donegal in 1916: Our Story.

Now he is upstairs watching the north west film archive.

Donegal County Museum would love to reunite Teddy with his owner, so if you were the family in the museum late Saturday afternoon, please contact the museum so that they can get Teddy home.

Contact them at Donegal County Museum, High Road, Letterkenny, Co Donegal T 074 9124613 E